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POS (Point of Sale)

Designed by the HCC team, the list of POS features includes:

  • Enablement of offline mode whereby POS works without requirement of connection with server at all times.
  • Provision of remote updates from SAP Server.
  • Remote access of post documents, namely Sales Invoice, C\R Memo etc. from the SAP Server.
  • Multiple Feature Attachment namely Sales, Sales Return, Plain Return, Delivery, Delivery Return
  • Dynamic Report Attachment namely Sales Report, Sales Return Report, Plain Return Report, Daily Sale Report, Sales Tax Register Report, Cash Report, Hourly Report, Stationary Report etc.
  • Provision for sales with multiple companies from a single POS portal.
  • Day End Activity (Remotely with SAP)
  • Day Start Activity (Remotely with SAP)
  • Stock Movement (Remotely with SAP)
  • Master Data Update (Remotely with SAP)
  • Provision to run POS simultaneously from multiple branches