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Employee Self Service (ESS)

In this age of technology, Human Resource Management is the key to success for any organization. As long as the employees are motivated, businesses will flourish. For managing this, a complete HR management solution has been developed by the HCC team, handling performance measures, tracking records and keeping the management and employees updated about key events, tasks, memos, birthdays, etc. Key features of our solution include:

  • Provision of tracking by manager of the performance of his/her employees.
  • Creation of separate login according to hierarchy (management /complete security).
  • Organizational organograms.
  • Web based dashboard for online viewing and processing.
  • Employees training needs assessment.
  • Circulation of information about events, training session and any kind of memos.
  • Approvals by managers of employees’ holiday requests.
  • Platform for employees to effectively communicate with the management.
  • Platform for communicating management decisions and policy updates within the organization, thereby eliminating the need for time consuming meetings and provision for employees to raise immediate concerns, if any.
  • Assignment of projects/tasks and provision to check status of completion at regular intervals.