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Asset Maintenance

Asset Maintenance add-on provides functionality to manage and maintain your assets. With the right systems and processes in place your organization can help ensure uptime and safety, mitigate risks, and reduce maintenance cost, resulting in the surety that your asset retains or will be restored to, a state in which it can perform its designated function. We, at HCC, have developed an optimal Asset Maintenance add-on to handle that. Key features of the product include:

  • Maintenance and management of the complete current information and condition of the assets and their working capabilities.
  • Provision of future modification of asset, based on current data, enabling asset efficiency for maximum yield.
  • Step by step process for maintenance of asset and all the work associated with the assets.
  • Provision to list all working methodologies of the asset by the operating employees, enabling the management to keep track of asset performance.
  • Provision listing all activity data and location of an asset within the organization.
  • Measuring tools for the use of the asset in inter-departments of the organization, documenting complete history of uses and dependency on the asset.
  • Forecasting tools, based on historical business data.