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Auto 3S Dealership

Automotive industry involves complex and industry specific business transaction. For success and profitability, automotive companies focus on the effective ‘3S’ Management Process – Sale, Service and Spare Parts. Managing on an off-the-shelf Enterprise solution may become time consuming and add little value to the business. To cater this niche requirement, HCC offers their 3S Dealership module. Key features of this module include: Multi-Tier Access Regime: Multi-tier access to all the stakeholders of the relevant departments through multiple interfaces where only restricted data/fields/reports is made accessible to certain stakeholders in various departments.

  • Seamless integration: Seamless integration with customer. A two-way data flow from service to customer relationship module.
  • Estimation: Part of the service sub module, it is used for job estimation.
  • Repair order: Used as a job card, it is integrated with spare parts, labor, jobs, customer relationships, estimation and insurance.
  • Appointment sheets: Used for appointment bookings, servicing different scenarios i.e. FFS (first free service), MSF (maintenance service follow-up), SSC (special service campaign) and PSF (post service follow-up). Sheets are integrated with appointment follow-ups.
  • Appointment follow-up: Used for follow-up on appointments and RO. Acts as a quality control tool. Also used for customer feedback purposes, highlighting KPIs and appropriate measures to be taken.
  • Various analytical reports: Users are provided with sophisticated and user-friendly reports to support the comprehensive coverage of the areas required to make business decisions.