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SAP Business One HANA (B1)

  • SAP Business One is an effective Business Management Solution that is cost-effective, easy and manageable, thereby removing the need to establish vast IT infrastructure.
  • Tackles all the business requirements of emerging and existing, but rapidly growing small and medium sized companies.
  • A solution built from the ground up for the needs of SMBs (Small & Mid-Sized Businesses)
  • Empowers managers and directors with on-demand real time information via single system
  • SAP Business One, powered by in-memory platform; HANA, helps speed up the solution giving our partners the edge to run a smart and agile business.
  • With SAP HANA, our next-generation platform, IT departments can break free from time-consuming database and data management tasks shifting their focus to technology innovation.
  • Application developers can use SAP HANA to deliver smart applications that leverage advanced analytic processing and empower all users – employees, customers, and partners – with deeper insight into any data, from anywhere.
  • By providing the foundation for all your data needs, SAP HANA removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and data, so you can run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy.
  • SAP Business One HANA enables generation of complex reports in minimum time and allowing organizations to gain the relevant insight to maximize their advantage
  • The platform is available for the choice to select what suits you best.
  • Converting clients from an outdated solution to a modern ERP system, navigating the complexities of an organization’s specific business processes and mapping that to flexible capabilities of a solution like BUSINESS ONE.
  • Support your changing needs– With easy-to-use customization tools and add-on solutions, SAP Business One can be flexibly tailored and extended to meet your specific business needs.
  • Make smarter, faster decisions– Put your business information into a single data source, so you can instantly drill down to complete, up-to-date information – and so your people can respond quickly to customer needs and be more empowered to make decisions.