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Sage X3

  • Providing real time information, whether it be reports or dynamic charts, X3 empowers managers to make timely and value adding decisions to enhance your business and battle the market.
  • Sage X3 provides next generation business management solution for your enterprise to make it grow faster and run an agile organization.
  • Sage X3 is a fully established domestic and global financial management system, supporting international and corporate business needs, such as: multi-language, multi-legislation, multi-currency, local accounting requirements and consolidation.
  • Sage X3 offers complete versatile deployment, so your business management solution can be hosted to suit the needs of your business. Whether you choose to deploy it on a private cloud, via a hosted cloud or on-premise, you can be assured of flexibility, and access from web and mobile devices.
  • Sage X3 increases your growth rate on a global scale by managing your business better. Sage X3 helps to improve collaboration across divisions and countries with multiple sites, languages and legislations.
  • Sage X3 is a business management solution that accelerates your core business processes: manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service and financial management.