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SAP Enterprise Mobility

  • With SAP Enterprise Mobility solutions; organizations can enhance and optimize their end user experience. It enables companies to use new and innovative platform to engage with its customers, stakeholders and employees – with mobile apps from SAP delivered to any device through cloud.
  • Making a robust first impression is how new business is won; and this is exactly where SAP Enterprise Mobility steps in; making an extraordinary first impact on the client at the point of interaction.
  • It addresses issues in design and implementation with a simple user interface.
  • Enterprise mobility delivers extraordinary impact at the point of interaction and optimizes the user experience.
  • Today, the world revolves around mobility and harnessing data as analytics, and SAP helps its customers implement enterprise mobility applications.
  • SAP Enterprise Mobility solution enables organizations to merge SAP business process expertise with leadership in mobile, Big Data, and cloud to achieve competitive edge over its competition through:
    • Real-time interaction with clients through mobile devices
    • Security of corporate intellect
    • Enhanced awareness and loyalty
    • Improved productivity and maximized revenues