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Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • SAP Master Data Governance is the industry’s first governance application to create, maintain, and replicate master data through a centralized governed process up-front of line-of-business applications.
  • SAP Master Data Governance is built on line-of-business processes and business rules across Business Partner, Customer, Supplier, Material, Finance, and custom domains, allowing for a “deep” create of master data that understands the process and data integrity of the applications.
  • Governance–Maintain the organizations master data records centrally to ensure seamless workflow and full audit trail thereby enabling consistency across customer, supplier, material and financial domains
  • Syndication–regardless the system used in organization is SAP or non-SAP; safe and reliable data is provided throughout the organization
  • Standardization– Standardization and authorization is enforced throughout the processes without sacrificing the organization’s flexibility
  • Flexibility–Can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or with SAP Business Suite software
  • Usability– Role-based access to information is provided with an intuitive, configurable interface to ensure user friendliness
  • Benefits in a nutshell
    • Senior Management has access to customized reports
    • Governance interests are supervised throughout the structure
    • Risks and controls are kept in a central repository
    • Audit costs are cut because GRC monitors and reports on activities.