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Post Implementation Reviews

  • A Post implementation review is conducted after a substantial period from implementation sign-off. This review is to ascertain customer management’s and users’ experience on product in absence of product implementation team.
  • HCC post implementation review consultants are able to establish whether the performance of the business after the usage of the software is sustained, deteriorated, or improved.
  • We ensure that various aspects of the systems are considered in time, measures are built in within a short duration and this saves costs for the company.
  • We conduct our reviews, after giving an appropriate time to the customer team key users to experience the software or our services. This period can be at least after six months, of using software in all respects, aggressively.
  • HCC’s Post Implementation Review is a feedback mechanism designed to assess the quality of project and programmed outcomes focusing on:
    • Realization of business benefits
    • Achievement of expected outcomes and objectives
    • Achievement of critical success factors
    • Expected and unexpected organizational impacts and management thereof
    • Appropriateness of the project and/or program management
    • Capture of lessons learned for future use