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IT Audits & risk Assessments

  • HCC have experts that have an understanding of and controlling IT risk
  • HCC understands that IT Audit & Assurance is more than just about IT – it is about understanding the holistic nature, business benefits and unique risk that IT brings to your organization.
  • Our expert team can help you understand the risks you face, the controls you need and how your current controls are operating in the real world.
  • Our members of the team have experience of Audit and Accountancy practices and hold industry leading qualifications.
  • They will bring their deep understanding and enviable experience to help you understand your current situation and help mitigate the risks you face.
  • We will help you understand your regulatory requirements, and ensure you meet these as efficiently as possible.
  • HCC has worked extensively with both public and private sector clients in formulating and applying both bespoke and internationally recognized risk assessment methodologies.
  • Our consultants will apply for you any required risk assessment methodologies to meet your requirements.
  • We know that IT Audit, Assurance & Risk Assessment can be a complex minefield – we can help make it simple.